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Individualized space, individualized attention.  These are great for multiple dog (or cat!!) families.   They love it!  Suites are great for young or old dogs.  They will experience tons of interaction with staff and there is a TV available in every suite for relaxing.  Bring your own bedding or use ours. This is our largest space available- it’s big enough for several people!  But we reserve them just for the dogs!


6'11" wide x 8'4" deep



Indoor/Outdoor Runs

They are BIG...Really BIG.  Your pet has access to the outside run all day.  This run is ideal for one dog or for multiple dogs from the same family.

Actual Dimensions: 4'3" wide x 7' deep

(outdoor side is same width x 10' deep)

Indoor Only Runs

We have two sizes of indoor runs.  Our large run is good for any size dog.  Our regular run is good for dogs up to 60 pounds.  The neat thing about these is that there is a door between the two that can be opened so two family-member dogs can be together sometimes and separated other times (like when they eat).  Pretty nifty.

Large - 4' 3" wide x 5' 6" deep

Regular: - 4' 3" wide x 4' 5" deep

Boarding Compartments

This is our standard boarding accommodation and is the most economical choice.   Our guests will have plenty of outside  play several times per day and they can also join our PlayCare groups.  These compartments are located in the center of activity so they have LOTS of attention! Dimensions vary.



Cat Condos

Our beautiful,QUIET cat condo area has a large window and view of butterflies and birds!  Cats can also relax in the suites – we have plenty of climbing and cat-friendly toys.

Deluxe Cat Condos

These compartments connect for multiple cat households or for the active cat that needs more room!  The litter pan is in a separate compartment, so these spaces stay really clean!