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No stinky dogs here! We offer grooming and bathing services as well as many grooming products. We stock an assortment of medicated shampoos as well as some that just smell good. We inspect and treat every animal in an effort to create a “flea- free” environment!  Baths are available daily and are discounted when your pet is staying with us. All baths are given using the  hydrosurge system and include nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.


Our patients LOVE our boarding suites that are complete with TV and beds. The more active dogs will enjoy the indoor-outdoor runs that allow for tons of room to run around with outdoor access all day at their own whim. Our beautiful QUIET cat condo area has a large window and view of butterflies and birds!  Cats can also relax in the suites – we have plenty of climbing toys and cat- friendly toys. We also enjoy the sound-absorbing ceiling panels in the kennel – so will your pet! They cut down on stress that can be created by noise. All of the boarding areas have windows to let in natural light.

All boarders are required to be current on immunizations.  CAPSTAR, a flea preventative, is administered orally to all animals upon entering the boarding facility to maintain a flea-free environment.  While your pet is with us, medications and other treatments that might be needed or requested are performed at additional costs. Please don't forget to bring all medications in their original containers that need to be administered while your pet is with us. PlayCare and baths are also available to boarders at a discounted rate.

Science Diet dry food is provided for all boarding animals.  If your animal requires a special diet, you are welcome to bring it for your pet. We stock many of the prescription diets, so these can be purchased in our lobby for us to use during your pet's boarding.

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