Pets are just like humans, as we age, it’s important that we check for conditions and illnesses that are likely to pop up as we get older. Checkups for symptoms, blood work, and physicals are important because your pet may be affected by a condition that you may not even notice symptoms of. Unlike humans, your pet is unable to tell you if they have any “invisible” symptoms that you may not be seeing.

For some pets, we recommend one to two physicals and blood tests per year as your dog gets older so we can test for any deviations in their baselines and any triggers for disease or illness. We’re able to detect things like bumps in glucose which could mean your pet is developing diabetes or arthritis.

Think of your pet’s health like you think of your own, it’s so much better to be proactive than to be reactive. Just because your pet isn’t showing signs of being sick does not mean that they are not.

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