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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

It's the spookiest season of the year! Costumes, candy, decorations, and pumpkins are all some of our favorite things that come with Halloween. Whatever costumes your children choose for Halloween this year, there’s a good chance your human family members will want to...

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Why Should I Microchip My Pets?

Why Should I Microchip My Pets?

If only your pet could talk. If only your pet could tell a stranger who finds him on the street his name and where he lives and who his owners are. But, your pet can’t talk, and he can’t tell anyone where he lives if he becomes lost. If your worst fear is realized and...

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Summertime Activities with Pets

Summertime Activities with Pets

Summer is in full swing here in Baton Rouge! What better way to soak up summer fun than to share outdoor time with your dog? Here are a few ways you can include your canine friend in your summer activities. Walking and hiking Walking is a great way for dogs (and their...

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