Dog Boarding

Your dog’s home away from home!
When you’re away, trust that the veterinary staff at Highland Road Animal Hospital will treat your pet as if they were our own. We have three types of boarding for your dog and will work with you to provide the best overall option.
Three huge turf yards!
If your dog loves outdoor play, you’ve come to the right place! Our boarding and playcare facilities feature three huge outdoor turf yards with plenty of toys and play equipment specifically made for dogs.
Indoor/Outdoor Runs
They are BIG…Really BIG. Your pet has access to the outside run all day. This run is ideal for one dog or for multiple dogs from the same family.

Actual Dimensions: 4’3″ wide x 7′ deep(outdoor side is same width x 10′ deep)

30 sq feet inside, and almost 43 sq feet outside for plenty of room!

Indoor Only Runs
We have two sizes of indoor runs. Our large run is good for any size dog. Our regular run is good for dogs up to 60 pounds. The neat thing about these is that there is a door between the two that can be opened so two family-member dogs can be together sometimes and separated other times (like when they eat). Pretty nifty.

Large: 4′ 3″ wide x 5′ 6″ deep (20 sq feet)
Regular: 4′ 3″ wide x 4′ 5″ deep (24 sq feet)

Boarding Compartments
This is our standard boarding accommodation and is the most economical choice. Our guests will have plenty of outside play several times per day and they can also join our PlayCare groups. These compartments are located in the center of activity so they have LOTS of attention! Dimensions vary.
Stop by and check out our facility for yourself!
We cherish your pet as though they were family.


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