PlayCare is doggie daycare with an emphasis on socialization and fun!

Nearly 10,000 square feet of outdoor turf, divided into 3 separate play yards, it’s great for the rambunctious puppy or an adult dog who needs a little exercise. PlayCare provides a break from the everyday routine for pets and encourages physical activity, mental stimulation, and positive socialization.
All dogs are temperament tested prior to entering PlayCare, and grouped with dogs of similar size.
Boarding Services

Dogs are allowed supervised and interactive play time in our spacious play yard for two periods daily with nap time in the middle of the day. If you’re interested in PlayCare for your pet, drop by and fill out a behavior questionnaire. If your pet clears the initial stage, we can set up a supervised evaluation to make sure your pet would be a good fit for PlayCare, and vice versa.

Rates are discounted when purchased in a group package. We do not breed-discriminate in this program, but there is a zero-aggression tolerance. Any pet that we feel might cause harm to themselves, another pet, or staff member will not be accepted into the program. PlayCare is also available to our boarding dogs.


No stinky dogs here! We offer bathing services as well as many bathing products. We stock an assortment of medicated shampoos as well as some that just smell good. We inspect and treat every animal in an effort to create a “flea- free” environment! Baths are available daily and are discounted when your pet is staying with us. All baths include nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.