Your kind words mean the world to us!
I have been taking my dog here and boarding him with Highland Road for three years. They have fair prices and don’t push things on you. The vets r always really friendly and handle the dogs well. They also offer boarding and day care. My dog loves it and is always excited to go back.
Michael H.

Great place for your pet to stay while you are on vacation!
Alana A.

I’ve been bringing my pups here for years, very friendly. Trustworthy.
Kaylie C.

I can’t say enough great things about HRAH. We had a situation with our dog, Jetta who ate a chicken bone. Dr. Godial was awesome, she performed surgery on her to remove the chicken bone. Dr. Godial & staff were so patient and warm to make sure our Jetta was all better. To top it off all this happened right before they were about to close for the weekend. The level of care that Dr. Fox, Dr. Godail, Dr. O’neil, and staff gives at HRAH is outstanding. I can’t thank them enough.
Lisa L.

We were lucky to have this place so close to our friends’ house. Our dog fell into our friends’ pool and deeply cut up her leg. The folks at HRAH were able to see her right away and get her stitched up in a few hours. Their staff is knowledgeable and cares about the animals and the owners. Thanks for the quick work on our little dog.
Jon R.

My sister’s cat was sick and I offered to take her to the vet to be treated. They got us in for an appointment within two hours of calling and the doctor there was very sweet and helpful. We are so appreciative of you and your staff! Thank you!
Macey B.

Dr. O’Neil at HRAH is an angel. My poor little kitty has bladder blockage issues. She was extremely thorough, personal, and caring with my kitty son. They are truly caring, competent doctors who want the best for your pet, and aren’t out to rob you of all your money. Excellent care, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good vet.
Christina R.

Staff is extremely caring and professional. The vets and technicians are great with our two dogs. They have consecutively provided grade-A care and have yet to give us a reason not to like their business.
Josef A.

Excellent care! My dog Samuel gets so excited every time he goes to board. They love him like he is their own and he knows it. I can leave town with peace of mind thanks to the excellent care at HRAH that goes above and beyond.
Lisa T.

Thank you so much to Dr. Bergeron and the staff at HRAH! I took my dog in for the first time yesterday and was very impressed. Everyone was on time, listened to me, and was very friendly.
Kacie M.

They were very nice and caring towards us and our animal!
Rodney W.

Super staff, I really feel like they care about my cat Leo and all the other animals I see there.
Brock G.

I am so grateful for the caring, compassionate doctors and staff of HRAH. Shortly after adopting my mixed breed dog, he became sick. The care that Dr. O’Neil and her staff gave not only to my dog but also to me while he was sick will always be remembered. He is aging now, and I find comfort knowing that Dr. O’Neil and HRAH are here to guide us as I know that difficult decisions may arise regarding his care in the future. Doctors who care for the animal and their owners are to be treasured, and HRAH has the best.
Katherine M.

The staff and vets are the best. I brought one of my dogs in when he was injured and my regular vet couldn’t fit him in. Highland Road saw him within an hour of my call and were absolutely wonderful to me and my dog. The vet was so thorough on her exam she found a tumor my previous vet thought was a swollen lymph node. Now I’m taking all 8 of my dogs here and always get excellent service. Even when I had to say goodbye to one of my dogs they were so sweet and made a paw print for me and even sent me a sympathy card. I really appreciate their kindness and excellent care they provide to my dogs.
Christie L.

My animals had a great stay here and returned with excellent grooming.
Manch C.

The first thing that you notice when walking into the clinic was how neat and pristine the premises are, which is saying a lot if you have seen most veterinary clinics. The staff and doctors I met here were very professional and enthusiastic about making sure all the animals were given the utmost attention and care. As a pet owner who travels quite a bit, I’m usually very picky of where I choose to board, but I can tell you that I have no problem letting the staff of Highland Road Animal Hospital look after my dog. Definitely worth the peace of mind of knowing your pet is safe when you’re traveling. I highly recommend you check out Highland Road Animal Hospital!
Davis J.

Highland Road Animal Hospital was the first place I brought my newly adopted cat Leo in 2009. I also boarded Leo there during vacations. Leo passed away of cancer in May of 2016. Dr. O’Neil and staff were extremely supportive and caring to my family and I during this extremely difficult time.
Robbie K.

We cherish your pet as though they were family.


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